In 2017, a small team of creatives came together with a shared passion for warm, inviting lighting that could create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. They noticed a gap in the market for a flameless candle that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and so the Da by brand was born.

The team worked tirelessly to design and develop the perfect flameless candle, using the latest technology and the highest quality materials. They were dedicated to creating a product that would not only look beautiful in any home, but also be safe, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.

After months of research and development, the team finally perfected their design. The Da by flameless candle was sleek, elegant, and produced a warm, natural-looking light that was almost indistinguishable from a real flame. It was also completely safe to use around children and pets, and could be controlled remotely for added convenience.

The Da by brand quickly gained a following among homeowners, interior designers, and even event planners. People loved the convenience of being able to create a cozy atmosphere without the risk of an open flame, and the candles quickly became a staple in homes and businesses around the world.